• About MCEP



    Macomb Cultural and Economic Partnership (MCEP) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding opportunity by building international relationships, cultural appreciation, and practical knowledge.

    We want to help Americans better understand the People’s Republic of China, the challenges it faces, and the realities of everyday life in China. And we want to help the Chinese better understand those same realities of life in America.

    For Americans, we do this by encouraging people to visit, study, and do business in China – helping Macomb transform into a major player in the global economy. For China, we do this by creating opportunities for Chinese citizens to visit America and see more than just the famous postcard sites of New York and Washington, DC; we want them to also experience a home stay in the heartland of the United States, see how an American company really operates, and have the chance to meet with ordinary Americans.

    We want people in both countries to experience life as it’s lived, and appreciate the commonalities we all share.